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Libro Psicologia Social De Las Americas Pdf autlins




A: This looks like a known issue with The URL: suggests that this is because that some sort of proxy is redirecting to that domain and preventing Dompdf from loading the necessary resources. Smells Like Rain "Smells Like Rain" is a song by American rock band Pearl Jam. The song is the second track on the band's seventh studio album, Riot Act (2003). It was released as a single on August 14, 2003, with the B-side "Summer Without You". A live version of the song was also released in July 2006 on the Europe 2006 tour live album. The song was also featured on the band's 2008 live album Live at the Gorge 05/06. Origin and recording Pearl Jam recorded "Smells Like Rain" at Disney Studios, Burbank, California, United States, in July 2002. It was produced by Dave Krusen, who also produced the band's previous album, No Code. "Smells Like Rain" is the first song on Riot Act that the band recorded using a click track. According to Jeff Ament, the band wanted to do this to help drummers better stay in time with the rhythm of the song. As the band liked the song after recording it, it was used on the band's following album, Riot Act. Composition "Smells Like Rain" is a moderate, slow rock song. It is in the key of E minor, and is in 4/4 time. Lead singer Eddie Vedder's vocals range from G3 to C5. Release and reception "Smells Like Rain" was released on August 14, 2003, as a single with "Summer Without You" on the B-side. The song was performed at Pearl Jam's first show in their following year of touring, which was held at the Hollywood Bowl on April 30, 2002. The song charted at number 28 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart in the United States. In an interview with Guitar World, Vedder commented on the band's decision to include a live version of "Smells Like Rain" on their 2006 tour and on their 2008 live album, Live at the Gorge 05/06. He explained: "We like to keep the catalogue fresh, and this is a good example of a song that we think is really good live and




Libro Psicologia Social De Las Americas Pdf autlins

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